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chlamydia a standard sexually transmitted ailment (STD). Most folks have no signs, but chlamydia can cause significant destruction a Females's reproductive organs. When a girl does have signs and symptoms, they may incorporate slender vaginal discharge and also other indications comparable to gonorrhea like burning when urinating.

bile a brown liquid created by the liver. It includes some substances that split up Extra fat for digestion, although other substances are waste products.

delusion when anyone thinks a thing that will not be genuine Which human being keeps the perception Despite the fact that there is powerful evidence versus it. Delusions is often the results of brain injury or psychological disease.

gene the functional and Actual physical unit of heredity made up of DNA, that has a particular function and is passed from parent to offspring

diarrhea passing Repeated and loose stools that may be watery. Acute diarrhea goes away in a number of weeks. Diarrhea gets Serious when it lasts extended than 4 months.

progress directive(s) published Guidelines allowing Other individuals know the sort of care you'd like For anyone who is critically ill or dying. These include content things like a living will and wellness treatment power of legal professional.

kidney stones hard mass formulated from crystals that separate from the urine and Establish up around the interior surfaces on the kidney.

incontinence the inability to manage the movement of urine from the bladder, identified as urinary incontinence, or perhaps the escape of stool from your rectum, termed fecal incontinence.

inflammatory bowel disease lengthy-lasting challenges that lead to irritation and ulcers while in the gastrointestinal tract. The commonest Diseases are ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.

Parkinson's ailment sickness affecting the A part of the brain connected to motion. Characterized by shaking and issue with movement coordination.

incapacity a Bodily or mental impairment that interferes with or helps prevent standard achievement in a specific perform.

interstitial cystitis an extended-Long lasting problem generally known helpful resources as unpleasant bladder syndrome or frequency-urgency-dysuria syndrome. The wall of the bladder gets inflamed or irritated, which affects the quantity of urine the bladder can hold and will cause scarring, stiffening, and bleeding within the bladder.

neural tube defect An important delivery defect a result of irregular growth of autoimmune tattoo the neural tube, or maybe the construction in an embryo which develops into the brain and spinal wire. Neural tube defects are between the most typical beginning defects that trigger infant Dying and critical incapacity.

gallbladder a sac that suppliers a fluid identified as bile, which can be made by the liver. Right after consuming, bile is secreted in to the compact intestine, wherever it can help digest fats.

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