Fascination About losing hair

lazy leukocyte syndrome a syndrome in children, marked by recurrent small-grade bacterial infections using a defect in neutrophil chemotaxis and deficient random mobility of neutrophils.

adrenogenital syndrome a group of syndromes through which inappropriate virilism or feminization success from disorders of adrenal functionality that also impact gonadal steroidogenesis.

acute retinal necrosis syndrome necrotizing retinitis with uveitis together with other retinal pathology, serious loss of eyesight, and often retinal detachment; of viral etiology.

Goodpasture's syndrome glomerulonephritis with pulmonary hemorrhage and circulating antibodies against basement membranes, generally observed in younger Gentlemen and by using a program of fast progressing renal failure, with hemoptysis, pulmonary infiltrates, and dyspnea.

The mixture of signs and symptoms and signs affiliated with any morbid procedure, jointly constituting the picture from the disease.

social breakdown syndrome deterioration of social and interpersonal skills, get the job done behavior, and behavior witnessed in chronically hospitalized psychiatric individuals; as a result of the consequences of prolonged-term institutionalization rather then the principal disease.

My hair has developed back thicker than in advance of! Ladies at operate have observed far too. They convey to me how considerably more handsome I look, and they seem to love functioning their fingers by way of my thick head of hair. I just wanted to Enable you to all know, just in the event you were anxious that Head & Shoulders was a foul product. It isn’t! It is superb and it definitely contributes to new hair growth!

Any individual talked about losing hair after applying Head ‘n Shoulders shampoo. In the autumn of 1975, I began applying Head ‘n Shoulders shampoo and promptly started out losing hair and Despite the fact that I couldn't demonstrate the causal relation in between The 2, I quickly Stop working with Head ‘n Shoulders.

disconnection syndrome any neurologic dysfunction because of an interruption in impulse transmission along cerebral fiber pathways.

staphylococcal scalded pores and skin syndrome an infectious illness, normally affecting infants and youthful little ones, subsequent an infection with specified strains of Staphylococcus aureus, characterized by localized to prevalent hair loss remedies bullous eruption and exfoliation of the pores and skin leaving raw, denuded spots which make the skin glimpse scalded.

I'm a 27 y/o male that begun working with head and shoulders about 4 years back. I do not need loved ones history of slender hair, and always experienced thick hair myself.

I am extremely angry in the makers of this product and i would gladly join a category motion accommodate towards them!

Parinaud's this post oculoglandular syndrome a standard time period applied to conjunctivitis, typically unilateral and with the follicular type, followed by address tenderness and enlargement on the preauricular lymph nodes; normally because of leptotrichosis but may be related to other infections.

syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone (SIADH) a syndrome by which secretion of vasopressin (antidiuretic hormone) will not be inhibited by hypotonicity of extracellular fluid and hyponatremia is created.

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